After surgery

When the operation has been completed, your anaesthetist will reverse the anaesthetic effects to wake you up and then transfer you to the recovery room. Trained and experienced nursing staff, under the supervision of the anaesthetist, will continue to monitor your vital functions until you are fully awake. To assist this process you will be given oxygen to breathe via a plastic mask. If you have pain or nausea from your operation, you will receive medication to help control it. When you are fully awake and comfortable you will be taken back to your own room.

Many operations can now be performed on a "day only" basis where you can go home the same day if you are fit to do so. New short acting anaesthetic drugs and improved surgical techniques make this possible.

If you go home on the day of your procedure you must be accompanied by a responsible adult and must not drive a car, make important decisions, use dangerous equipment or sign any legal documents for 24 hours.

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