General Anaesthesia

General Anaesthesia;  the anaesthetist will inject a drug into a vein either through a needle or a small cannula which may have an intravenous infusion attached. This will make you unconscious quickly. In some cases a face mask may be used to allow the breathing of oxygen or oxygen and an anaesthetic gas. Once you are unconscious other drugs are administered to keep you anaesthetised. The doses of these drugs will be continuously adjusted to maintain an appropriate level of anaesthesia. A tube may be inserted through your mouth into your windpipe after you are asleep so the anaesthetist can assist you to breathe. This is usually removed well before you wake up.

The Anaesthetist will talk to you before your anaesthetic. He/she will be with you in the same room throughout the anaesthetic. This will be from before the anaesthetic starts, throughout the procedure and until you are safe and stable in the Recovery Area. The Anaesthetist will be constantly monitoring your heart and lung functions throughout the procedure which may be affected by the anaesthesia or the procedure. He/she will have no other duties or responsibilities during this entire time.

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