Paying your anaesthetist's account

The services provided by your specialist anaesthetist are provided after referral from your surgeon, gynaecologist, physician or dentist and, as with referral to other medical specialists, these services attract a fee. The anaesthetist will forward an account. You are responsible for arranging payment of this account.

Patients covered by Workers' Compensation Insurance, Third Party Insurance, the Dept. of Veterans' Affairs or those who do not hold Australian resident status should discuss their situation with their anaesthetist. If you are not included in one of these categories then you may be entitled to benefits from Medicare. Not all procedures or operations are covered by Medicare however.

If you are covered by Medicare then, after paying the account, you can receive a rebate (cash or a cheque payable to you) from the government through Medicare and from your private fund if you are a member. Alternatively you can approach Medicare and your fund to make "pay doctor" cheques to which you will need to add your own payment to cover the full fee.

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