Major procedures

Examples include:

  • Open reductions of more complicated fractures
  • Major orthopaedic surgery
    • Treatment of large bone fractures
    • Back surgery
  • Vascular surgery
  • All open abdominal procedures such as bowel resection, laparotomy
  • Abdominal laparoscopic surgery such as bowel resection

Patients having major surgery are likely to require advanced pain management and stronger pain medications. These may include one or a combination of injections, intravenous medication given through the 'drip', tablets, suppositories and specific nerve blocks.

Your anaesthetist will tailor a specific combination of these agents to best suit your needs. There are also other advanced techniques that maybe used to control your pain such as Patient controlled analgesia machines, epidurals, and spinal injections which your anaesthetist will discuss with you if applicable. Please look at the menu's below for more information on these techniques.

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