Minor procedures

Severe pain not expected to last beyond 4-6 hours)

Many procedures fall into this category and are often performed as a day only procedure. Examples include:

  • Closed reductions of simple fractures
  • Gynaecological surgery eg Dilatation and Curettage, minor laparascopic procedures including sterilization procedures
  • Adenoidectomy and Grommets
  • Excision of minor skin lesions
  • Breast lumpectomies

Patients having these types of procedures require intra-operative pain relief and may require additional doses when they first wake up in recovery. Local anaesthetic agents are used wherever possible. It is expected that pain control can be maintained with oral medications following discharge from recovery. Common oral agents include Panadeine Forte, Tramadol, Digesic and oxycodone. Occasionally patients may require further intramuscular injections of pain relief in the Day only ward. Anti-emetic such as Zofran, Novaban, Maxalon and Stemetil are used whenever possible.

For more information please refer to www.allaboutanaesthesia.com.au