The Anaesthetist will talk to you before your anaesthetic. He/she will be with you in the same room throughout the anaesthetic. This will be before you go to sleep until you are safely awake and stable in the Recovery Area. The Anaesthetist will be constantly monitoring your heart and lung functions throughout the procedure which may be affected by the anaesthesia or the procedure. He/she will have no other duties or responsibilities during this entire time.

You will be taken into the procedure room on a bed, but still wide awake. There, we will introduce you to any other staff and get you into a comfortable position. The Anaesthetist will put a small cannula into one of the veins in your arm. Soon after this you will start to feel drowsy or light headed. Once the procedure has started, the level of anaesthesia will be administered as required. Although some patients can recall a few happenings, most people then remember very little until they are in the recovery room and it is all over.

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