How will I feel after my procedure?

Upper GI Endoscopy (gastroscopy): There will be no pain or discomfort in the stomach, but it is very common to have a sore throat after the examination (60-70% of patients). This is due to the action of the telescope passing down the oesophagus ('swallowing tube'). The sore throat will last for 24-48 hours and will be helped by paracetamol which the nurses may give on the ward afterwards. You can continue this medication at home, where you should follow the standard doses shown on the bottle.

Lower GI endoscopy (colonoscopy): Again there will be no pain in the stomach from the examination. Most patients notice that they feel slightly distended with 'wind', this is because air is used to help the telescope get round; the air will pass out the natural way. Many patients also comment that their mouth feels dry, this is because they may have been given a medicine (Buscopan) to help relax the bowel in order to make it easier to get the colonoscope round, a side effect of this medicine is a dry mouth. This feeling will pass off within 5-6 hours. Sometimes some patients (<10%) feel slightly 'bruised' around the anus. Many patients will have both upper and lower GI examinations at the same time, so please read the upper GI paragraph above.

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