Regional Anaesthesia

Regional Anaesthesia; a local anaesthetic is injected near a group of nerves to make an area of your body numb. You may remain awake or receive sedatives to make you drowsy. Some sensations such as pressure may be felt but there will usually be no painful sensation. If unpleasant sensation is felt your anaesthetist may take additional steps to make you more comfortable. The area being operated on will be screened off so you cannot see what is happening. This form of anaesthesia includes epidurals (which are used for the relief of pain in labour and for Caesarean section and major orthopaedic procedures), spinals (which are used for prostate surgery), and injections to numb the eye during cataract surgery.

The Anaesthetist will talk to you before your anaesthetic. He/she will be with you in the same room throughout the anaesthetic. This will be from before the anaesthetic starts, throughout the procedure and until you are safe and stable in the Recovery Area. The Anaesthetist will be constantly monitoring your heart and lung functions throughout the procedure which may be affected by the anaesthesia or the procedure. He/she will have no other duties or responsibilities during this entire time.

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